Caribou Single Origin Coffees

Caribou Coffee
Cue, Inc.
Creative Direction:
Alan Colvin

“Third wave” coffee makers continue to elevate consumer expectations regarding high level coffee products and experiences. At the same time, Caribou Coffee has continued to provide some of the best premium single origin coffees available anywhere, with sourcing methods that honor relationships between the company and coffee farms around the world. Caribou Coffee asked Cue to extend the brand’s offering into this super-premium coffee segment. Packaging needed to showcase these single origin coffees as special, while maintaining continuity within a growing portfolio of products. This packaging elevates the presentation of Caribou Coffee’s single origin coffee offerings and emphasizes each varietal as special by highlighting each source farm. 

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Caribou Single Origin Coffees | Erickson Design Co.Caribou Single Origin Coffees | Erickson Design Co.